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SilverSilver has many functional uses other than for tableware or decorative purposes. It is resistant to most common acids and has the highest thermal conductivity and the lowest electrical resistivity and is used in electronic and electrical applications for contacts and where high surface conductivity is required such as in wave guides. It is also used as a coating for preventing galling or seizure on high load bearing surfaces such as stainless steel bolts. Silver tarnishes in air and care is required in storage, it may be protected by polish, lacquer or a post plating passivate treatment.

Typical specifications:

ASTM B700 BS 2816 DEF STAN 03-9

DTD 919 DTD 939 FS 4436


We also offer: Alocrom, Anodising, Copper, Electroless Nickel, Gold, Nickel, Passivate, Silver, Tin and Zinc finishes.